Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New News

There is a lot going on this spring and we are excited to announce the Shellshag Black Rainbow tour to Do Ya Here We Fest is on! We will be doing Crabfest and 3 other dates together before arriving in Chattanooga for DYHW. Also playing at the fest are Hidden Spots and Future Virgins.
The Reaction have a NY area tour coming up in June, and Thee Headliners have an East Coast tour coming in July. All the dates for bands shows are currently be added to Check there for updates on show listings. This August, Starcleaner Records will be back in SF for Thrillfest!! Songs for Moms, KLS, 50 million, Shellshag, Street Eaters, and more!!!
We are excited for 2010 which will bring us two long awaited records, the Street Eaters 7" and the Future Virgins 12" both coming out soon.
Check out the Records!!

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