Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hidden Rainbows

After a really long drive, we arrived in Athens GA at the Hanger with just 30 minutes to say hi before Hidden Spots had to take the stage. They were incredible, playing a patient set of perfectly performed hits. It was nice to catch a set by these guys outside of Chattanooga. The show moved quickly and in no time Black Rainbow was belting out killer jam after killer jam. Tough like Motorhead and crafty like X, these guys are an amazing band!! Its going to be great to play together every night for another week. Shellshag had gotten quite excited seeing all our friends after being stuck in the van all day and night, and we drank quite a bit in a short period of time. We held it together despite this, but it was definitely a first show of tour set for us, but one of our nicest Athens trips for sure. We were sad that Hot New Mexicans were unable to play, as they are an awesome band. So the tour has begun. We crashed with Dead Dog after jamming some acoustic Cure and had breakfast at The Grit with Sarah T, James, and others. Everyone took naps once we got to Asheville, so we were all well rested and ready for the show at Static Age Records! Pox Americana killed it with traditional punk riffage and classic vocal stylings reminiscent of high school punk bands in the 70's and early 80's. They were followed by Front Porch regulars, a stripped down duo with a stand up bass, playing folk punk porch jams, they were really good. They had me thinking of our buddies Thee Headliners, as I feel these two band belong together in a group of band growing in numbers, that give a glimpse at a modern gypsy America centered around music that somehow captures a taste and feel of American history while being auspicious about a future America. Somehow Black Rainbow was even better than the night before, which due to more focus and less drinking, inspired Shellshag to play a really powerful set, which we were able to do and now feel more complete and happy to be alive than before. While all this is goin on with the Shellshag Black Rainbow tour, The Reaction is preparing to fly out to NY for a week of shows that are a must see! Several decades of playing and performing power these guys and their mod punk sound. Make sure you catch one of their shows- tour dates at; you will also find the rest of the SC bands schedules there. Thee Headliners are all over the west coast this summer, Songs for Moms are in Ida TN June 5th, and Hidden Spots, Street Eaters, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb and Ukebox all have shows these next two weeks. Keep checkin in and spread the word about our blog, as we hope to have many great stories for you in the next month-

P.S. just found out Shotwell is playing at Crabbfest!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Starcleaner Bands On Tour!!

There are a ton of Starcleaner bands playing shows this summer that you wont want to miss!!
The Reaction are touring the NYC area for a week playing shows with Worrier, Hey Baby, Ukebox, and more. Shellshag and Black Rainbow are tour together in the mid-east for 10 days, including a show in Ida TN with Songs for Moms. Thee Headliners are all over the west coast this summer. This Bike is a Pipe Bomb and Hidden Spots play with Shellshag, Black Rainbow and Future Virgins at Do Ya Hear We Fest. Shellshag continues across the US for a month after seperating from Black Rainbow and they play with Street Eaters in San Francisco. Kreamy 'Lectric Santa, 50 million, Songs for Moms, Shellshag and more gather in SF for Thrillfest in August! Stupid Party and Ukebox will be playing around Brooklyn this summer. All the dates and info can be found at Starcleaner Records website, as well as over to the right where you will find little show calendars for the bands and samples of their music.