Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cumon and be baptised

Robert here (Kreamy etc) this is my 1st go in the blogisfere- I have previously attempted the act with 'Beyond The Realm Of Comprehension' or was that 'The Next Obscure Thing' (sic) Blog but when the words in my head were not coming close to matching the written extension of these finger fistys I easily succumbed to instant defeat or more illustriously said "My so called Intent to get back to it all at a later date".

Well last night I and Priya left our fortress in West Oakland to see Ivy (Black Rainbow) at the last show at 'The Jack Hanley Gallery'. She has been in Haiti helping at an Orphanage for special needs children. In case you are unaware of her blog it describes her trip and the incredible work being done there. Her own Blog does much better job explaining so go to the link 'Haiti'

Anyway we met up at The Jack Hanley Gallery which has been an active art space in The Mission since 1990. Jack was closing the space due to increasing rent and from what I understand he is surprisingly opening a new space in NY (?). All the old timers showed and despite the show being a ton of fun it was a sad reminder of the passing of time and imminent changes not only in The Mission but everywhere. The Mission and SF in general never quite re-couped from the massive rent hikes during the dotcom boom and the prices never really adequately adjusted.

It was hard to see the work due to the space being packed by a massivly drunk crowd but we had a great time seeing the band 'Rock Ceremony' - The vox were a bit amiss going thru a small roland amp but Sean's choice of classic punk/rock covers and 12 year old drummer/son Vallis tore it up it. It was really wild to see all the older Missionaires 8 year olds singing along to Velvet Underground songs. Hanging low today on a lazy rainy Sunday eve. Attempting to clean house in complete AdHD mode arrrggghh ! Least I wrote a new song. ' sorta sounds like Django Reinhardt meets strapping fieldhands meets Sabbath (kinda sorta thinkin bout Cleaning-ish-esqe?) too much coffee man -Out for now. R


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