Friday, July 23, 2010

K'LS On Da East Koast

Well I and Priya are lounging around her parents living room in Hershey Pa. after a long converse about politics, her fathers thoughts of the probability of a Sarah Palin election due to the current state of things and my acid reflux creeping up due to indian food, wine and the improbable but disturbing thought of a Sarah Palin or a likely less vocal proto taking the next election. I and Priya are both feeling drowsy and worn out. Priya's stomach iLLness has completely subsided and it looks like a slow week winding down after our trip and gigs in Asheville and Chattanooga. Morgan and Katie were primo hosts allowing us to camp out at their place in Asheville for the majority of last week following what we attributed to Priya catching a nasty grounding case of gasritous from erratic eating, Cracker Barrel pinto beans and too much ibuprofen.

Concerning the shows.

With Priya crashed out at Morgan and Katies- I and Morgan had our only practice since we last played together about a year ago. Our main modus op being he would split between playing drums and bass and I would play acoustic electric at minimal volume. Priya on violin and vox. We had a fun practice with my friend Paul Spanbauer having driven up from Greensboro sitting around and tossing insults and random weirdness to and fro

On 2 hours of sleep, Priya still hurting after 3 days of the dregs we headed out to Chattanooga - Met up with Amy Mayfield at her new awesome home to where we were set to crash. She made amazing squash soup that luckily stayed down in Priyas gull-it. Drove to Discoteca for makeshift practice after twat sauce. 5 bands on a Monday-Show started around 10.30/11. Jackals and Wolves, Witches, Big Kitty, Pizza Party. We were hardly prepared luckily our old Miami friend and ex Tri-railer/Crackrock member Kathleen V acted as Priyas personal savior administrating some serious massage whilst I nervously drank and drank and the hours tolled on and I still drank until 2-am to where I understand we played....yeah we deff did and I assume since tons of folks who had to be up Tues. Morn hung for the whole dam set we were somewhat ok. The Funyons/OFR cover of 'Im used to it' got em jumping-the Trash Monkeys cover 'Explosion of the sun' brought concentrated question marks. For some reason my low e went limp during 'Like Friggin Gone'-Priya and Morgan were on

Woke up a little too early for our liking meeting up with Morgan at Sluggos and drone-ing thru the
Appilachians listening to the Ovens and The Move

Priya decided since we hadnt been able to rest and had a 9 1/2 hour drive the next day it'd be smart to drop the $ and get a hotel room that night

Met Josezette who drove up to see us @ Static Age. A short set from Ana Banana (who lent me her amp). I kept the beer flow to a minimum and surprisingly the set (or as I termed it 3rd live practice) was mellow and fun. Sold some recs- and headed out to the hotel to drop Priya off for the night. Came back to finally see 'Jackyls and wolves kick some serious ass (perhaps the strangest assortment of peeps Ive ever seen in a band besides us and seriously driven but oddly tempered metal) Hit the road at 230 Luckily drank just enough coffee to finally sleep when we hit PA at 12 and now here in The Ray living room Hoping to make it to Philly and see more friends this week. Home on the 29th and then to look for work and prepare for the massive 'Save the fucking world fest 1' Aug 21st-Hopefully Tom hasn't burnt our casa down-Robert P