Saturday, April 3, 2010

The First Blog: Starcleaner Records Catalog

Ukebox 'Single'-7" sc032
Icky Girlfriends 'Ziggy Buttsweat'-CD sc031
Kreamy 'Lectric Santa 'Operation Spacetime Cynderblock'-LPCD sc030
Hidden Spots/Black Rainbow 'Everybody Get Together'-split 7" sc029
Headliners 'Rain and Blood' LPCD sc028
Shellshag/This Bike is a Pipe Bomb Two Man One Man Band Band Man-split 7" sc027
Stupid Party 'First Seven Inch'-7" sc026
Triclops! 'Out of Africa'-noize toy sc025
Reaction 'Right Now'-LPCD sc024
Songs for Moms 'The Worse it Gets the Better'-LPCD sc023
Tim 'Amonia Storm'-LP sc022
Emergency Party 'Bells of Pechio'-LP sc021
Tulsa 'Sour Digs'-LPCD sc020
Shellshag 'Destroy Me I'm Yours'-LPCD sc019
50 Million 'Broad Side of a Barn and Shit on a Single'-CD sc018
Shellshag/50 Million/Kung Fu USA/Creepy People/S.H.A.T. 'Mission Limo Blues'-7" sc017
50 Million 'This One's Pretty Cool But I Like The Old Stuff Better'-CD sc016
Shellshag 'Gary Young EP'-CD sc015
Kung Fu USA 'R.R.R.M.L.'-CD sc014
Shellhead 'Reach For The Stars Bob Taylor'-LP sc013
Kung Fu USA 'Neversign'-CD sc012
Thunder Suite 'Thunder Suite'-CS sc011
Kung Fu USA 'Kung Fu USA'-CD sc010
50 Million 'Bust The Action'-LP/CD sc009
Faggz 'Wah I Knee'-7" sc008
Static Faction 'Hindi Rock Punk Raga'-LP sc007
Compilation 'Lovin Mouthful'-LP sc006
Jennifer Shagawat 'Your Star in the Sky'-BOOK sc005
50 Million 'Broad Side of a Barn'-10" sc004
Static Faction/50 million 'Transcience/She's a Monster'-split 7" sc003
Fantasy 'Land of Dreams'-CD sc002
Knittles 'World Contact Day'-CD sc001


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