Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's a jerk party!!!
SUNDAY JAN. 15, 2012!!!
@ the Kenton Club, Portland, Oregon, USA

THEE HEADLINERS have a new batch of songs we are self releasing for the first time(our 3rd full length!). This is the big bang celebration of it and our LAST show until next spring!
The one and only surf creeps THEE CORMANS (InTheRedRecords-ex NECESSARY EVILS/BEGUILED) ar
e coming up from sunny L.A. to promote their newest record and to enjoy some NW style winter doom and gloom!
pals CECILIA UND DIE SAUERKRAUTS(ex-NO TALENTS/ EPOXIES) are ready to dish the Dance Party!!! This is IT!!
plus our fave DJ HWY 7 will be spinning hot greasy wax all night to keep your hips shaking!! oh yeah and it's FREE!!!!!!!

this is going to be epic.
we aren't going anywhere. however we are planning on taking a break after this show to concentrate on creating material for our 4th record which we plan on getting out into the world by May. we are planning on having a bunch of friends show up on that 4th record, it's going to be a mostly instrumental album, but this 3rd release that we're about to celebrate is all Holly Hotbox and JT Halmfilst, guitar, drums and two voices. it's the first record we'll have out there that is exclusively us, that truly reflects our live and in the basement sound as a two piece. we're in a mad dash to finish it and are thrilled that Stan Wright from Buzz Or Howl is recording it!!
here are some links to our pals that are playing this show....

DJ HWY 7 -

see ya in Portland, it's gonna be A BLASTOLA!!!!!!

ps-we plan on doing some massive touring in the summer/fall of 2012, see ya out there!!

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