Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bad Bloggers

Okay, it's been more than a year since anyone has blogged for Starcleaner. I sent the login info out to the bands, but only KLS and Starcleaner have blogged here, and even Starcleaner hasn't put anything up in a while :( - so we will try to get some of the bands and affiliates to do some more writing this year and keep this Starcleaner Blog current and interesting.

Let's get caught up: We left off at the end of 2010 when Street Eaters and Shellshag were touring the Northeast together. That tour went very well and led to the Street Eaters 7" picture disc "Ashby and Shattuck" being released on Starcleaner this year[2011]. It is a beautiful piece of art and music

After that tour, Shellshag headed to Europe with the fabulous Japanther for the best tour ever!
We played 10 countries in 1 month and had the best time doing it. Although there were many blogs, reviews, photos, and videos from the tour, this is a video we made for a song we did with Japanther and Total Warr during the tour that has images from the entire trip , check it out:

In other news from 2011, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa made a big move from Oakland California to Asheville NC, and have already sowed their roots with a few shows in their new hometown.
One of the most unique bands we have ever released a record with, and we still have a few copies of Operation Spacetime Cynderblock left for sale, get one before they are all gone!

In May we released one of the finest records we've ever been associated with, Future Virgins LP western problems. It is a gem! We released the record along with Plan-It-X South to rave reviews
from fans and critics, check it out:

Future Virgins came to Brooklyn for the show of the year at Silent Barn, and played Fest 10 later in the year. The west coast is hopeful for an appearance this year!

The Reaction did a tour of the south in 2011, before reforming with a new drummer as Apogee Sound Club. The Reaction has always been one of the most over looked bands we have done a record with, and I truly feel sorry for those who missed out on seeing them perform and who don't have their record Right Now, it rules!

Street Eaters released a full length record with Plan-It-X and Bakery Outlet called Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons and toured the US playing Plan-It-X fest, Fest 10, and many other killer shows. Starcleaner is quite proud to be associated with this hard working band.

Thee Headliners tore up Portland and the west as they do every year, and are working on a new full length record right now with Stan Wright at Buzz or Howl studios. We are excited to see them and their new record next year as we hope to get them here to Brooklyn. Their Starcleaner release titled Rain and Blood is killer, killer, killer!

Hidden Spots played many shows in Chattanooga TN, and we are excited to see what they put forth next. Their full length on Mauled by Tigers is an amazing record, and we are proud to have them on a split 7" with Black Rainbow.

Black Rainbow hasn't played a ton of show as of late, but we are excited at the prospect of shows from them in 2012.

Which bring us back to Shellshag. After Europe with Japanther, we played the Don Giovanni Showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg:

We went to Fresh Fest in Tallahassee FL:

We went to Chaos in Tejas in 2011 and had the best time playing with The Spits and The Arrivals:

We played the Japanther 10th anniversary party:

We did 2 other short tours including a trip to Missoula for Total Fest 10

We played the Bowery Ballroom with Screaming Females, Underground Railroad to Candyland, and Hilly Eye.

and finally, we finished our new record Fuck Society volume 1 which will be out January 2012 on Mauled by Tigers- we are psyched!

Check in soon for exciting news on plans for 2012!

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