Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's a jerk party!!!
SUNDAY JAN. 15, 2012!!!
@ the Kenton Club, Portland, Oregon, USA

THEE HEADLINERS have a new batch of songs we are self releasing for the first time(our 3rd full length!). This is the big bang celebration of it and our LAST show until next spring!
The one and only surf creeps THEE CORMANS (InTheRedRecords-ex NECESSARY EVILS/BEGUILED) ar
e coming up from sunny L.A. to promote their newest record and to enjoy some NW style winter doom and gloom!
pals CECILIA UND DIE SAUERKRAUTS(ex-NO TALENTS/ EPOXIES) are ready to dish the Dance Party!!! This is IT!!
plus our fave DJ HWY 7 will be spinning hot greasy wax all night to keep your hips shaking!! oh yeah and it's FREE!!!!!!!

this is going to be epic.
we aren't going anywhere. however we are planning on taking a break after this show to concentrate on creating material for our 4th record which we plan on getting out into the world by May. we are planning on having a bunch of friends show up on that 4th record, it's going to be a mostly instrumental album, but this 3rd release that we're about to celebrate is all Holly Hotbox and JT Halmfilst, guitar, drums and two voices. it's the first record we'll have out there that is exclusively us, that truly reflects our live and in the basement sound as a two piece. we're in a mad dash to finish it and are thrilled that Stan Wright from Buzz Or Howl is recording it!!
here are some links to our pals that are playing this show....

DJ HWY 7 -

see ya in Portland, it's gonna be A BLASTOLA!!!!!!

ps-we plan on doing some massive touring in the summer/fall of 2012, see ya out there!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bad Bloggers

Okay, it's been more than a year since anyone has blogged for Starcleaner. I sent the login info out to the bands, but only KLS and Starcleaner have blogged here, and even Starcleaner hasn't put anything up in a while :( - so we will try to get some of the bands and affiliates to do some more writing this year and keep this Starcleaner Blog current and interesting.

Let's get caught up: We left off at the end of 2010 when Street Eaters and Shellshag were touring the Northeast together. That tour went very well and led to the Street Eaters 7" picture disc "Ashby and Shattuck" being released on Starcleaner this year[2011]. It is a beautiful piece of art and music

After that tour, Shellshag headed to Europe with the fabulous Japanther for the best tour ever!
We played 10 countries in 1 month and had the best time doing it. Although there were many blogs, reviews, photos, and videos from the tour, this is a video we made for a song we did with Japanther and Total Warr during the tour that has images from the entire trip , check it out:

In other news from 2011, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa made a big move from Oakland California to Asheville NC, and have already sowed their roots with a few shows in their new hometown.
One of the most unique bands we have ever released a record with, and we still have a few copies of Operation Spacetime Cynderblock left for sale, get one before they are all gone!

In May we released one of the finest records we've ever been associated with, Future Virgins LP western problems. It is a gem! We released the record along with Plan-It-X South to rave reviews
from fans and critics, check it out:

Future Virgins came to Brooklyn for the show of the year at Silent Barn, and played Fest 10 later in the year. The west coast is hopeful for an appearance this year!

The Reaction did a tour of the south in 2011, before reforming with a new drummer as Apogee Sound Club. The Reaction has always been one of the most over looked bands we have done a record with, and I truly feel sorry for those who missed out on seeing them perform and who don't have their record Right Now, it rules!

Street Eaters released a full length record with Plan-It-X and Bakery Outlet called Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons and toured the US playing Plan-It-X fest, Fest 10, and many other killer shows. Starcleaner is quite proud to be associated with this hard working band.

Thee Headliners tore up Portland and the west as they do every year, and are working on a new full length record right now with Stan Wright at Buzz or Howl studios. We are excited to see them and their new record next year as we hope to get them here to Brooklyn. Their Starcleaner release titled Rain and Blood is killer, killer, killer!

Hidden Spots played many shows in Chattanooga TN, and we are excited to see what they put forth next. Their full length on Mauled by Tigers is an amazing record, and we are proud to have them on a split 7" with Black Rainbow.

Black Rainbow hasn't played a ton of show as of late, but we are excited at the prospect of shows from them in 2012.

Which bring us back to Shellshag. After Europe with Japanther, we played the Don Giovanni Showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg:

We went to Fresh Fest in Tallahassee FL:

We went to Chaos in Tejas in 2011 and had the best time playing with The Spits and The Arrivals:

We played the Japanther 10th anniversary party:

We did 2 other short tours including a trip to Missoula for Total Fest 10

We played the Bowery Ballroom with Screaming Females, Underground Railroad to Candyland, and Hilly Eye.

and finally, we finished our new record Fuck Society volume 1 which will be out January 2012 on Mauled by Tigers- we are psyched!

Check in soon for exciting news on plans for 2012!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shellshag Street Eaters Tour!!/KLS in Razorcake!!!

Kreamy 'Lectric Santa is interviewed
by Aesop [Ludicra/Hickey] in the most
recent issue of Razorcake!!
Sharing the pages are Mark Sultan
and John Lydon, it's a really good issue.
Check it out and learn all about the wacky world
of KLS and the crazed minds behind the
Starcleaner release of "operation spacetime cynderblock",
their full length LP.

Shellshag Street Eaters Tour starts November 8th!
The first show starts at 7pm
at Brick Moose Lodge in Brick NJ.
Shellshag/Street Eaters/Night Birds/Black Wine
The Brick Moose Lodge is at 149 Mantoloking Rd.

For more info and tour dates go to Starcleaner Records

Monday, September 27, 2010

Shellshag, forgetters, and Street Eaters

Shellshag plays Death by Audio for forgetters record release show
TOMMORW NIGHT! Shellshag plays at 9pm sharp-
49 S. 2nd st. Brooklyn NY�

Street Eaters from Oakland, Ca. will be releasing two new songs on a 7"
picture disc, the first picture disc release on Starcleaner. This should
be out just in time for their November dates on the East Coast with
Shellshag. Tour dates coming soon.

Friday, July 23, 2010

K'LS On Da East Koast

Well I and Priya are lounging around her parents living room in Hershey Pa. after a long converse about politics, her fathers thoughts of the probability of a Sarah Palin election due to the current state of things and my acid reflux creeping up due to indian food, wine and the improbable but disturbing thought of a Sarah Palin or a likely less vocal proto taking the next election. I and Priya are both feeling drowsy and worn out. Priya's stomach iLLness has completely subsided and it looks like a slow week winding down after our trip and gigs in Asheville and Chattanooga. Morgan and Katie were primo hosts allowing us to camp out at their place in Asheville for the majority of last week following what we attributed to Priya catching a nasty grounding case of gasritous from erratic eating, Cracker Barrel pinto beans and too much ibuprofen.

Concerning the shows.

With Priya crashed out at Morgan and Katies- I and Morgan had our only practice since we last played together about a year ago. Our main modus op being he would split between playing drums and bass and I would play acoustic electric at minimal volume. Priya on violin and vox. We had a fun practice with my friend Paul Spanbauer having driven up from Greensboro sitting around and tossing insults and random weirdness to and fro

On 2 hours of sleep, Priya still hurting after 3 days of the dregs we headed out to Chattanooga - Met up with Amy Mayfield at her new awesome home to where we were set to crash. She made amazing squash soup that luckily stayed down in Priyas gull-it. Drove to Discoteca for makeshift practice after twat sauce. 5 bands on a Monday-Show started around 10.30/11. Jackals and Wolves, Witches, Big Kitty, Pizza Party. We were hardly prepared luckily our old Miami friend and ex Tri-railer/Crackrock member Kathleen V acted as Priyas personal savior administrating some serious massage whilst I nervously drank and drank and the hours tolled on and I still drank until 2-am to where I understand we played....yeah we deff did and I assume since tons of folks who had to be up Tues. Morn hung for the whole dam set we were somewhat ok. The Funyons/OFR cover of 'Im used to it' got em jumping-the Trash Monkeys cover 'Explosion of the sun' brought concentrated question marks. For some reason my low e went limp during 'Like Friggin Gone'-Priya and Morgan were on

Woke up a little too early for our liking meeting up with Morgan at Sluggos and drone-ing thru the
Appilachians listening to the Ovens and The Move

Priya decided since we hadnt been able to rest and had a 9 1/2 hour drive the next day it'd be smart to drop the $ and get a hotel room that night

Met Josezette who drove up to see us @ Static Age. A short set from Ana Banana (who lent me her amp). I kept the beer flow to a minimum and surprisingly the set (or as I termed it 3rd live practice) was mellow and fun. Sold some recs- and headed out to the hotel to drop Priya off for the night. Came back to finally see 'Jackyls and wolves kick some serious ass (perhaps the strangest assortment of peeps Ive ever seen in a band besides us and seriously driven but oddly tempered metal) Hit the road at 230 Luckily drank just enough coffee to finally sleep when we hit PA at 12 and now here in The Ray living room Hoping to make it to Philly and see more friends this week. Home on the 29th and then to look for work and prepare for the massive 'Save the fucking world fest 1' Aug 21st-Hopefully Tom hasn't burnt our casa down-Robert P

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hidden Rainbows

After a really long drive, we arrived in Athens GA at the Hanger with just 30 minutes to say hi before Hidden Spots had to take the stage. They were incredible, playing a patient set of perfectly performed hits. It was nice to catch a set by these guys outside of Chattanooga. The show moved quickly and in no time Black Rainbow was belting out killer jam after killer jam. Tough like Motorhead and crafty like X, these guys are an amazing band!! Its going to be great to play together every night for another week. Shellshag had gotten quite excited seeing all our friends after being stuck in the van all day and night, and we drank quite a bit in a short period of time. We held it together despite this, but it was definitely a first show of tour set for us, but one of our nicest Athens trips for sure. We were sad that Hot New Mexicans were unable to play, as they are an awesome band. So the tour has begun. We crashed with Dead Dog after jamming some acoustic Cure and had breakfast at The Grit with Sarah T, James, and others. Everyone took naps once we got to Asheville, so we were all well rested and ready for the show at Static Age Records! Pox Americana killed it with traditional punk riffage and classic vocal stylings reminiscent of high school punk bands in the 70's and early 80's. They were followed by Front Porch regulars, a stripped down duo with a stand up bass, playing folk punk porch jams, they were really good. They had me thinking of our buddies Thee Headliners, as I feel these two band belong together in a group of band growing in numbers, that give a glimpse at a modern gypsy America centered around music that somehow captures a taste and feel of American history while being auspicious about a future America. Somehow Black Rainbow was even better than the night before, which due to more focus and less drinking, inspired Shellshag to play a really powerful set, which we were able to do and now feel more complete and happy to be alive than before. While all this is goin on with the Shellshag Black Rainbow tour, The Reaction is preparing to fly out to NY for a week of shows that are a must see! Several decades of playing and performing power these guys and their mod punk sound. Make sure you catch one of their shows- tour dates at; you will also find the rest of the SC bands schedules there. Thee Headliners are all over the west coast this summer, Songs for Moms are in Ida TN June 5th, and Hidden Spots, Street Eaters, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb and Ukebox all have shows these next two weeks. Keep checkin in and spread the word about our blog, as we hope to have many great stories for you in the next month-

P.S. just found out Shotwell is playing at Crabbfest!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Starcleaner Bands On Tour!!

There are a ton of Starcleaner bands playing shows this summer that you wont want to miss!!
The Reaction are touring the NYC area for a week playing shows with Worrier, Hey Baby, Ukebox, and more. Shellshag and Black Rainbow are tour together in the mid-east for 10 days, including a show in Ida TN with Songs for Moms. Thee Headliners are all over the west coast this summer. This Bike is a Pipe Bomb and Hidden Spots play with Shellshag, Black Rainbow and Future Virgins at Do Ya Hear We Fest. Shellshag continues across the US for a month after seperating from Black Rainbow and they play with Street Eaters in San Francisco. Kreamy 'Lectric Santa, 50 million, Songs for Moms, Shellshag and more gather in SF for Thrillfest in August! Stupid Party and Ukebox will be playing around Brooklyn this summer. All the dates and info can be found at Starcleaner Records website, as well as over to the right where you will find little show calendars for the bands and samples of their music.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

God Bless Kreamy Lectric Santa by Adam Wisnieski from NY Press and ShortWaveRockin

Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa – Operation Spacetime Cynderblock: “Four Riddles of the Spheres” Starcleaner Records (2009)


Listening to Operation Spacetime Cynderblock, I get the same feeling as when I listen to God Bless the Red Krayola… or Soldier-Talk. The same feeling as The Fugs Second Album or Virgin Fugs. More recently Failed Musician by Nutsak or anything by the Unknown Instructors. No matter how many times I listen to any of these albums, the next song, the next riff, sometimes the next second is a surprise. Like those others, Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa is impossible to categorize or genre, but that’s what makes ‘em good. The only category I can come up with is madness, and you can’t label something madness because that’s a goddamm paradox. Looking at the album cover and reading up on these Florida now-California psych pioneers, I don’t think they spend too much time pondering paradoxes. Paradoxes are for the sane.

Madness is a hard thing to capture no matter how many tracks and how many hammers, accordions, keyboards, mandolins, saws, fiddles, gongs, 1970s elementary school teachers, 1980s televisions, 1990s radios (boomboxes?), tambourines and window screens you have to make noise with. All of these things might actually be on this album, with at least half residing in the song “Workaholics Paradise Lost and Found.” When the album is sweet, it’s a cavity (the perfectly titled “Sickly Sweet” and “Spaceship”), when it’s heavy, it’s Bad Brains (Everything…? and “New World Order Society”), when it’s nostalgic, it’s not for the San Fran psych scene or some greater time in rockroll history, it’s for The Facts of Life. “Mindy Cohn” is a half cover of the Facts theme song and part ode to the annoying one with the big cheeks, Natalie. It’s a weird ride. I recommend it for Friday afternoons, home from work, strung out, cracking that first beer.

Here are some more instructions. Don’t pay any attention to the tracklisting or song titles until later. It will ruin the fun. Now I shouldn’t tell you this because it will be doing just that, ruining the fun, but I feel I have to. I’ve been scared shitless twice on this album. The interludes “Danse Bastard Danse” and “Spacejam 92 Revisited” have struck fear into my usually tame heart. For the first, I thought my computer had been infected with a vicious adware campaign for strippers or shampoo. For the second, I thought I was being abducted by aliens again. Man was I glad when I realized it was just music and a happy song about Mindy Cohn was next.

To end the review, I think I’m going to take back everything I said. I’ve done this before, but THIS time, it’s for real. At the end of the instrumental weirdo bass space surf song with violins, “A.R.P,” you hear two voices who I assume are Kreamy’s brainchildren Robert Price and Priya Ray. These two lines just about sum it all up:

“That was a really funny song.”
“Yea it was weird. It didn’t make any sense.”

I’d post an MP3, but you can go here and listen to a bunch of these songs:


Posted 26 Apr, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New News

There is a lot going on this spring and we are excited to announce the Shellshag Black Rainbow tour to Do Ya Here We Fest is on! We will be doing Crabfest and 3 other dates together before arriving in Chattanooga for DYHW. Also playing at the fest are Hidden Spots and Future Virgins.
The Reaction have a NY area tour coming up in June, and Thee Headliners have an East Coast tour coming in July. All the dates for bands shows are currently be added to Check there for updates on show listings. This August, Starcleaner Records will be back in SF for Thrillfest!! Songs for Moms, KLS, 50 million, Shellshag, Street Eaters, and more!!!
We are excited for 2010 which will bring us two long awaited records, the Street Eaters 7" and the Future Virgins 12" both coming out soon.
Check out the Records!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cumon and be baptised

Robert here (Kreamy etc) this is my 1st go in the blogisfere- I have previously attempted the act with 'Beyond The Realm Of Comprehension' or was that 'The Next Obscure Thing' (sic) Blog but when the words in my head were not coming close to matching the written extension of these finger fistys I easily succumbed to instant defeat or more illustriously said "My so called Intent to get back to it all at a later date".

Well last night I and Priya left our fortress in West Oakland to see Ivy (Black Rainbow) at the last show at 'The Jack Hanley Gallery'. She has been in Haiti helping at an Orphanage for special needs children. In case you are unaware of her blog it describes her trip and the incredible work being done there. Her own Blog does much better job explaining so go to the link 'Haiti'

Anyway we met up at The Jack Hanley Gallery which has been an active art space in The Mission since 1990. Jack was closing the space due to increasing rent and from what I understand he is surprisingly opening a new space in NY (?). All the old timers showed and despite the show being a ton of fun it was a sad reminder of the passing of time and imminent changes not only in The Mission but everywhere. The Mission and SF in general never quite re-couped from the massive rent hikes during the dotcom boom and the prices never really adequately adjusted.

It was hard to see the work due to the space being packed by a massivly drunk crowd but we had a great time seeing the band 'Rock Ceremony' - The vox were a bit amiss going thru a small roland amp but Sean's choice of classic punk/rock covers and 12 year old drummer/son Vallis tore it up it. It was really wild to see all the older Missionaires 8 year olds singing along to Velvet Underground songs. Hanging low today on a lazy rainy Sunday eve. Attempting to clean house in complete AdHD mode arrrggghh ! Least I wrote a new song. ' sorta sounds like Django Reinhardt meets strapping fieldhands meets Sabbath (kinda sorta thinkin bout Cleaning-ish-esqe?) too much coffee man -Out for now. R


Saturday, April 3, 2010

The First Blog: Starcleaner Records Catalog

Ukebox 'Single'-7" sc032
Icky Girlfriends 'Ziggy Buttsweat'-CD sc031
Kreamy 'Lectric Santa 'Operation Spacetime Cynderblock'-LPCD sc030
Hidden Spots/Black Rainbow 'Everybody Get Together'-split 7" sc029
Headliners 'Rain and Blood' LPCD sc028
Shellshag/This Bike is a Pipe Bomb Two Man One Man Band Band Man-split 7" sc027
Stupid Party 'First Seven Inch'-7" sc026
Triclops! 'Out of Africa'-noize toy sc025
Reaction 'Right Now'-LPCD sc024
Songs for Moms 'The Worse it Gets the Better'-LPCD sc023
Tim 'Amonia Storm'-LP sc022
Emergency Party 'Bells of Pechio'-LP sc021
Tulsa 'Sour Digs'-LPCD sc020
Shellshag 'Destroy Me I'm Yours'-LPCD sc019
50 Million 'Broad Side of a Barn and Shit on a Single'-CD sc018
Shellshag/50 Million/Kung Fu USA/Creepy People/S.H.A.T. 'Mission Limo Blues'-7" sc017
50 Million 'This One's Pretty Cool But I Like The Old Stuff Better'-CD sc016
Shellshag 'Gary Young EP'-CD sc015
Kung Fu USA 'R.R.R.M.L.'-CD sc014
Shellhead 'Reach For The Stars Bob Taylor'-LP sc013
Kung Fu USA 'Neversign'-CD sc012
Thunder Suite 'Thunder Suite'-CS sc011
Kung Fu USA 'Kung Fu USA'-CD sc010
50 Million 'Bust The Action'-LP/CD sc009
Faggz 'Wah I Knee'-7" sc008
Static Faction 'Hindi Rock Punk Raga'-LP sc007
Compilation 'Lovin Mouthful'-LP sc006
Jennifer Shagawat 'Your Star in the Sky'-BOOK sc005
50 Million 'Broad Side of a Barn'-10" sc004
Static Faction/50 million 'Transcience/She's a Monster'-split 7" sc003
Fantasy 'Land of Dreams'-CD sc002
Knittles 'World Contact Day'-CD sc001